Sunday, 16 February 2014

Work in Progress

My blocks are coming along.  I am not making them strictly in order, it depends on my fabric stash.

 I have just purchased some red polka dots, now I need some blue and white checks.

Penny from New South Wales (Australia) has been sewing along, she may finish before I do <G>.  Penny has made each of the house blocks slightly differently, like the original  quilt.

Here are two more of the easy blocks.

The blocks are the same but the proportions are different.  The top one is a nine patch; the second one is based on a five by five grid.  They share the names Churn Dash and Double Monkey Wrench but there are dozens of other names.

 The 9 patch is Barbara Brackman's No.1646A; it has also been published as Broken Plate, Fisherman's Reel, Indian Hammer, Puss-in-the-Corner, Shoo Fly, Sherman's March, Lincoln's Platform, and Old Mill Design. 

The five by five is No. 1850; other names are Double Wrench, Aeroplane, Alaska Homestead, Bear Paw Design, Bride's Knot, Dragon's Head, Hens and Chickens, Hole in the Barn Door, Honey Dish, Maltese Cross, Pioneer Patch and T Quartet.

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