Friday, 18 October 2013

Album Block

This simple block is usually called Album (Barbara Brackman 2414).  Ruby McKim says:

The album quilt is a real old-timer.  Its original purpose was for a gift for a bride-to-be.  A group of friends would get together and each would piece a block and embroider her name upon it!
Amazing!  The embroidered name here is Maude Laughlin.  Maude was aged 55 in 1937 but she had only been married for a few years.  Her husband was George Washington Laughlin, a widower, and they married sometime after 1930.

I got a lovely email from Penny:
 I was very happy to see your quilt block yesterday from the 1937 signature
quilt in Down Under and went out and bought some ink for my printer. Printed off the templates from BlockBase and had the block made by bedtime.

Well done Penny!  Any other block makers out there?

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